1987 Airstream
Excella 1000

  • Shell-Off Restoration Complete
  • Frame totally restored
  • Brand new subfloor
  • Fresh and Gray tanks installed with new see-level 2 sensors and heating pads
  • High-Quality Hemp insulation under floor rated at R21
  • Brand New Dexter axels with 3" lift kit and new Brake-assemblies
PRICE: $27,000

Serenity the Airstream is FOR SALE!!

This is perfect for anyone who wants to renovate a vintage airstream. This will give you a jumpstart. We've put countless man hours into renovating this trailer to make it our own.

Honestly, it was a hard decision for us to let her go but it's what we feel we need to do in order for us to pursue our higher goals. We'd love to finish her up and sell the RV we are currently living in but with our current situation that could take another 2-3 years. We had to put the renovation on hold this summer to focus on Lacie's health and giving it the time and finances needed to figure it out. We are glad to say she is on the road to recovery and feeling much better everyday but it has left us with some debt.

Our ultimate goal, whether that was with the Airstream or not, was to travel the country and find a place we wanted to call home for the long term. We want to one day purchase some land to start a regenerative farm to become self-sustainable and provide others with a place to go.

So our goal in selling the Airstream is to get a truck that can handle our current RV a lot better than our suburban can so that we can start pursuing our ultimate goal. We would have loved to do that in a full renovated Airstream but we don't want to wait either. This summer gave us a taste of the farm life, and we can't wait any more! 


I picked her up in Mississippi in February 2020 from a guy who bought it to sell. It was in North Carolina, I believe, for years just sitting. The Shell and frame is in excellent condition.

We did a full demolition of the interior. Got rid of all the 80's cabinetry. Nothing worth saving.

The shell was cleaned and stripped of the clear coat and trim. Ready to be polished to that shiny mirror finish!

Once we got rid of everything we weren't keeping, we cleaned up the frame, replaced about half of the outriggers, and painted it with Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Platinum. I wanted the frame to last another 30+ years. and she will!

We put on brand new aluminum for the belly pan. Stuffed the floor with High-Quality Hemp insulation rated with an R value of 21.

Our plan was to get a composting toilet, so we chucked the black tank. The fresh and gray tanks were still in great condition so we kept those. I added electric heating pads to each, as well as See-Level 2 sensors. Also have the read out display for the sensors as well.

She has a brand new plywood subfloor. I coated all the edges that go in the c-channel up to about 1 foot into the center with Total Boat Marine Epoxy. The rest I sealed with an oil based water sealant.

About half of the C-channel was replaced.

Installed Brand new Dexter axels, each rated at 6,000 lbs. So she'll be able to handle up to 12,000 easily. She also has a new dexter 3 inch lift kit installed as well as new brake assemblies. I've also ran the brake wires.

When replacing the outriggers I made a mod to the frame and widened the wheel wells 3" to accommodate bigger tires. So some mods still need to made to the shell to fit.

It is towable but will need temporary lights attached.

All windows are in great condition. I had planned on resealing them just so they had fresh seal, for peace of mind.

There are a couple panels on the rear end cap that have some corrosion holes in them when i bought it. I hadn't decided what I was going to do whether replace them or try to patch it. But I've taken $2,000 off the value of the trailer to be able to buy new panels if you choose.

What's Included:

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Most of the photos show the airstream throughout different stages of the process so you can see the work that was done to it. (Ascending Order)
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