Moving to Texas and the Journey to get there

Hello again, friends! If you didn't know WE MOVED TO TEXAS!

We traded in the mountain life for the farm life. After a summer in Boise, Idaho, we felt our time there was coming to an end, and we felt something shifting and knew it was time for another chapter. We are so thankful for our time there and for our friends who hosted us. We got to have chickens for the first time and experience a taste of having our own farm.

The week before Thanksgiving we headed off to Shoshone to stay with Lacie's Mom & Dad through the Holidays. You see, we had an inkling we would be moving to Texas as I had begun talking to Ian from Miller Garage about the possibility of helping him out for a while. So, we wanted to spend some time with them before we left Idaho.

It was a great time and lots of memories were made. We hung out, watched some old home movies from when we were kids, made a delicious, clean pumpkin pie with whipped Raw cream that was the best I ever had and may or may not have made a total of 3 times... and, of course, Shoshone got a ton of snow while we were there which it hasn't had in 6 years, so that was fun in a trailer! It also got below 0 degrees for a while and we were using up a 20lb propane tank every 2 days, so by the New Year I was ready to get out of there and to warmer weather!

That pumpkin pie is the bomb

Time to Go

You may recall that we decided to sell the Airstream so that we could buy a truck to tow our Coleman trailer. BUT after doing some research and figuring out our weights, we decided to make a bit of upgrades/repairs to the Suburban and just tow with that. First of all, we never got any serious hits on the Airstream, which is surprising but I think we are meant to keep her! Second, it would be a shame (and quite ironic) to sell our Airstream just so we can move to go work for an Airstream renovation company. So hopefully, we will be able to tow her down here soon and continue working on her.

January 9th we were headed off on to our Journey! First stop was the RV dump station on the way out of town 😂, we get there and of course I had to dig through the snow to find the pipe. It was 13 degrees that morning and I guess in the 30 minutes from when I had unplugged the heat tape to when we got to the dump site, our valves had frozen shut, SOOOOOO we had to drive back to the house and get out the propane heater to thaw them 😂, great start to our trip.....

after about 15 minutes I finally got the valve loose so we RACED off to the site before they froze again. Once we finally got the tanks dumped we were ready to go, about an hour later than I planned, but we can still make it in time to hit up the Natural History Museum of Utah.

I planned out only driving about 4-5 hours a day. Partly to take it easy on the Suburban but also because we want to have a little family vacation and get a taste of the full-time travel life that we were planning with the Airstream, so I stretched out the 24 hour drive to just under 2 weeks. So our first stop was Salt Lake City, and we wanted to take the kids to the Natural History Museum that Lacie and I had visited when she was pregnant with parker.

We were about an hour away when emery starting having severe stomach pains. We weren't sure what was going on; if it was gas or a bladder infection or what, but it seemed to happen out of nowhere... So we stopped at Natural Grocers to get her some enzymes and probiotics to see if that would help. Lacie also did some emotional release using the Emotion Code.

By the time we got to the RV park she started to feel better and was able to walk around and started passing gas, so it was just some stomach issues but I do think it had some emotional source as well. It was a bit of an emotional morning leaving Papa & Grammy plus setting off on a new adventure is always scary.

We had decided not to do the museum that day and go in the morning, so we just hung out and hit up the hot tub because that's what emery really wanted to do.

The next morning we arrived at the Museum and the kids loved it! There were plenty of dinosaur fossils, gems, and history about the area. It was a good roadschooling "field trip"

After making it through all the exhibits in the museum, we headed back to pack up the trailer and head off to our next destination... MOAB!

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