New Year, New Branding - Welcome to our new website!

It’s time for a fresh start! Introducing our new branding, Logo and website!

When we first started Chasing the Wild Wonder 3 years ago we had only a vague idea of what we wanted to do with it. We were going to travel around, live full time in an Airstream in order to experience more of the world than just the little cultural bubble that we lived in. To meet new people, new cultures, new ideas and perspectives. I wanted to show my kids that there is so much out there, so many questions to ask, and a whole lot of mystery to explore. I wanted to escape this so called “American dream” that so many people seemed to be trapped in; Working the 9-5 at a job they hate, or at least moderately dislike, just so they can pay off the debts they’ve collected so they could have a piece of paper that said they were educated enough for the 9-5 job which probably isn’t the job they actually wanted in the first place.

I found myself in this situation. Working 9-5 for someone else, and even though I didn’t HATE it, it didn’t FULFILL me. It didn’t energize my spirit! Even after I started working for myself, building a career helping other small businesses market themselves, I still found myself stuck in the same old routine. Eventually, convincing other people to buy other people’s stuff lost its flair. My art felt like it was being prostituted to capitalism, and I was using my knowledge of how the human brain worked to exploit people. It just didn't feel right.

At home, we were going through the motions, making meals, watching TV, putting the kids to bed, wake up and do it all over again. Life didn’t seem to have any purpose. We had lost our WONDER.

And then I had the idea.

I remembered years ago, before I met Lacie, finding an instagram account called @worksology and they had sold everything they owned, bought an Airstream and lived and traveled full-time. I thought to myself, “You can do that?! That sounds amazing.” So I told Lacie about this crazy idea, “What if we just minimize and live in a trailer?!” “That will free us up to travel and explore and live simple.” At first I think she thought I was crazy but she slowly fell in love with the idea. An idea that actually began to inspire her on her own journey of living non-toxic with the products we use and food we eat.

Now 3 years later, we are still working on making that dream come to fruition, it’s been a long hard road. But honestly, those are the best kinds of roads. Figuring out how we are going to do this has been part of the journey. You see, we’ve never had a great amount of money, since we got married we’ve always basically lived paycheck to paycheck. We didn’t own house we could sell to pay for it either. At the end of 2019, when the Airstream dream seemed like it was farther away than I'd hoped, we talked about moving out of our overly expensive small town and move to Boise, maybe there we could find more work, cheaper cost of living, and even have a place to park the Airstream to renovate it. We almost did too, but then my amazingly brilliant wife said to me, “Why don’t we just use the money we are going to spend on moving to buy an Airstream?” …oh yeah. DUH! So we did. And if you’re new here, you can see more of the story by clicking here.

So now we are deep into a Renovation on the 1987 Airstream Excella we named Serenity. And yes, we are still trying to figure out how we are going to make it happen! But it’s happening. Even if we've had some setbacks along the way! And 2020 has really changed the game. We don’t know what the future looks like for travel, but we are going to pursue our dream anyway. It may look a little different than we had originally envisioned but that’s ok. We’ll roll with the punches, dammit!

When I arrived home from Tennessee with Serenity


2020 was also a year of great growth and awakening. I learned a ton and found new passions. Was introduced to the idea of Rewilding and it resonated in my soul so much, and I realized this was exactly what Chasing the Wild Wonder has been all along, but I finally had a word for it. Lacie and I both had a desire grow in us that I never thought would; to create a self-sustainable life on a homestead somewhere. To grow our own food, take care of ourselves and our community. Now we don’t know what this will look like or when it will happen. Full-time travel, or at least living, in the Airstream is still our immediate plan and we may even find a perfect spot to homestead on our travels. But the Airstream was never the point, just a means to the point.

Not much will change as far as the content we create here for Chasing the Wild Wonder. We will continue to share our story, tips and tricks, and our experience so that you can have some insight into pursuing a more simple and free life. We will be encouraging you to Rewild yourself, showing you how we are doing it, and why we believe this is the best future for humanity. We are not going to glamorize this life, we promise to be real, raw, and honest with you about the struggles and discomforts we face. But the good news is, struggle is how we grow and discomfort makes us evolve.

So welcome to the new website, and our new logo!

Right now it's just the blog portion but we'll be adding more sections as we go along and even a store page. Anybody want a shirt or sticker of our cool new logo?? We got some other designs cooking as well, stay tuned for that!

You’ll notice we got rid of the Airstream from the logo, not because we are getting rid of our actual Airstream but because it’s not about having an Airstream. You can live a life in Wild Wonder right where you are, travel isn’t a requirement, RVing isn’t a requirement. The only requirement is a desire to be true to yourself, to live simple, and to live free.

Stay Wild!

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Ben Figueiredo

I make a living as a filmmaker & Website Designer, Telling Stories, creating content for businesses, entrepreneurs and even couples getting married. As a Five on the Enneagram, I love learning. Absorbing as much knowledge I can. I am into Biohacking, holistic wellness, and Rewilding so that I can be the best version of me to enjoy life with my family connecting with nature, our community, and God.

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