Our favorite Snacks to pack for Adventuring

When the hunger sets in, adventuring can take a turn for the worst, especially with kids.

Who am I kidding, I am the first to get hangry! As an animal based family, we are sharing our 5 easy snacks to pack for adventuring. The last one is our ultimate favorite and we always make sure to take some along.


Our family always has jerky on hand to grab for adventuring. We love The New Primal and Ben and I enjoy  EPIC bars. They literally make snacking so dang easy!

Fresh Fruit

We typically stick to apples, bananas, or berries if they are in a hard container to keep from getting smushed.

Dried Fruit

Dried mangos, apples, banana chips , dates

Cheese and Crackers

Cheese can be a nice treat while exploring. We love cutting up raw cheddar to have on hand in our snack bag. We have found these EIKORN crackers by Jovial we love for special trips. We can usually find them at Natural Grocers and they don't seem to give us any gut issues. If we cant find the crackers, we will look for Plantain chips. They are delish, and have the perfect amount of salt.


I saved the best for last! We always have chocolate on hand. Yes, even if it could possibly melt, we usually stash some in our bags for a yummy treat, and the kids always enjoy. Our favorite brands are: Hu or Alter Eco.

Other random snacks you will find us packing

  • olives
  • A pre-cooked steak (Yes, Ben actually does this)
  • Epic Pork Rinds
  • Every once in a while we like to snack on some chips, either the Boulder Canyon brand that cooks in Avocado Oil or the Siete Brand.
  • Heart & Soil Supplements - While this isn't a snack it does provide that extra, much needed fuel for long hikes or hot days when you burn a lot of calories. Get 10% Off

Packing Snacks

When it comes to packing snacks, it really depends on the bag you are using and how much room you have. We are big fans of reusable bags like Stasher, which are perfect for storing dried fruit, jerky, cheese, olives and more.

For the snacks that are more delicate, we use a hard-sided reusable container.  Rubbermaid Brilliance is a lighter weight option that locks in the freshness and great for a non spill options. We usually use these for fresh berries, sandwiches (if we have homemade sourdough), and other snacks.

Remember it is important to pack out what you pack in. Leave no trace!

Use one of your used containers to gather trash.

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