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There is a rising awareness of the need for radical change in our nutritional intake, especially in the west. If you're like me and grew up in the 90's you probably survived off Pop-tarts, cereal, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I won't get into the absolute train wreck of those so-called "foods" in this post, but needless to say, you might be feeling the ill effects now that you've reached a more mature age.

And I assume if your here reading this post it's because you already know about the great benefits of eating Nose-to-Tail and your after the timeless treasures known as Organ meats and are wondering just where to start. So I'll spare you the sales pitch of why you should be eating them and just get right to which ones are our favorites and why, let's get started.

#1 Fire Starter

Absolutely without a doubt FireStarter is the one supplement that we always have, everyday, no exceptions. While not an organ meat, it is the fat that surrounds the organs, specifically the kidney, of the cow. This fat is know as Suet.

This was the very first supplement I tried from Heart & Soil, along with Bone Marrow & Liver (Which we'll talk about next), In just the first month of taking these I had began to finally shed that pesky baby fat that I had been struggling to lose my whole life. Now, I know other factors played a role in this including cutting out seed oils and other PUFAs, but adding Grass-Fed & Finished Beef Suet to my daily regimen worked wonders not only for my fat loss but for my energy, mood, and overall just feeling good every single day.

#2 Bone Marrow & Liver

Bone Marrow Benefits

Along with the FireStarter, Bone Marrow & Liver changed my life. When I started taking these two together it was like a veil was lifted and light shone down upon me from the heavens that filled me with a vigor and zest for life. I was seriously in love and knew I needed more. Seriously though, it was like my body had finally received what it was crying out for it's whole life, clean, nutrient-dense FOOD. This was the stuff of legends.

#3 Whole Package (For the Men)

And then I tried whole package. I didn't think it could get any better but Whole Package took it to a WHOLE other level... Whole Package include Liver, Blood, and Testicle. Yes, TESTICLES... ROCKY MOUNTAIN OYSTERS
I noticed my energy increase even more. My focus and productivity was the best it had ever been. I was feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin. I was noticing definition in my body that I had not seen before, and I was still barely working out. And to top it off, the increased testosterone had done wonders for our relationship.

It's safe to say that Whole Package will continue to be a key pillar in my daily stack.

#4 Warrior

I love Warrior because of it's simplicity. Heart & Liver. I'd say these are the two powerhouse organs. I love cooking up the heart from a fresh successful hunt, it's tender and delicious. But you don't always have fresh heart, or any other organs for that matter, readily available and that's one of the top reasons we love having Heart & Soil in our cabinets. Organs that are easy to take and always there when you need an extra boost.

I stopped drinking coffee a while ago because it was making me feel like crap. I've since found that I don't need a caffeine or energy drink because having a diet that consists of nutrient dense organs, mean, fruit, honey, eggs, and raw dairy I have more energy and clarity than I ever did with coffee or "energy drinks"

#5 Beef Organs

The Beef Organs supplement from Heart & Soil is a great foundation. It includes Grass-fed & finished liver, heart, pancreas, spleen, and kidney. The pitch it as the replacement to your typical "Multivitamin" and is a perfect place to start for the "organ curious" who want to improve overall health, vitality, mood, exercise performance, and energy.

Beef Organs contain vital nutrients such as:

Copper, Biotin, and CoQ10

Crucial for metabolism, mood, and energy, as well as the health of skin, hair, and nails.

Lipase, Protease, and Amylase

Enzymes to help break down macronutrients like fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Colipase, Trypsin, and Pancreatic Peptide

Support the activation of enzymes needed to break down protein and help with food allergies by improving digestion.

Riboflavin, Folate, B12, and Choline

Essential for red blood cell formation, brain, reproductive, and cardiovascular health.

Anserine, Carnosine, Taurine, and L-carnitine

Supports brain, immune, and cardiovascular health, as well as muscle recovery.

Ergothioneine Peptide

An amino acid found in liver, kidney, and bone marrow found to support detoxification and longevity pathways.

Vitamins A, D, E, K2

Get these vitamins in a super bioavailable form that play critical roles in overall immune and bone health.

Liver Expressed Antimicrobial Peptide

Also known as LEAP-2. This peptide is involved in immune response and glucose metabolism.

Hepcidin Peptide

A peptide directly involved in iron metabolism as well as the innate immune response.


This is our recommended stack of Heart & Soil supplements, start with one, two, or all of them. Either way you can't go wrong, I am sure you'll notice a difference after just 1-2 weeks of giving your body what it has been LONGING for.

If you're ready to give it a try the folks over at Heart & Soil were kind enough to hook all Wildlings up with 10% OFF your first order, just use this link and it will automatically apply at checkout. (Does not apply to subscriptions)

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