We Bought a Vintage Airstream!

That's right! After 2 years of dreaming and planning we finally found and bought a vintage Airstream. We found this 1987 Excella 1000 down near Memphis, Tennessee and immediately knew it was the right one. So, Parker and I loaded up in the suburban and took a 2000 mile(one way) road trip to Mississippi to pick her up.

It was a long and exhausting trip but we had some fun along the way, stopping in Moab, Utah for the first time we got to see some real life dinosaur footprints and some real neat landscape, we'll definitely be going back! We stayed the night in Farmington, New Mexico in a Walmart parking lot, camping in the back of our car. BTW huge shout out to Walmart for being chill and letting drivers sleep overnight in their lots.

And then, after a 14 hour drive day, we got to visit the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, Arkansas which was a super fun experience for both Parker and I. We then had our last 2.5 hour drive before reaching our destination where we had dinner and went to Chuck E. Cheeses to play around, I was severely disappointed that they no longer have the indoor playgrounds with all the tubes and tunnels and slides, although I understand why, but we got to play lots of fun arcade games and one over 600 tickets!

The next morning we picked up the airstream! We got it all hitched up, lights working, and of course, had to add our logo to it before we headed out. We got our Airstream from Andy Ikerd, he finds and buys all kinds of Airstreams and sells them. He was great to work with and really helped us out with questions and helping us find the right Airstream. If you're in the market for one shoot Andy an email and tell him I sent you! I am also building him a website so keep an eye out for that!

After picking up the airstream we stopped by Fort Worth, Texas to visit my mom and brothers for a day and then promptly headed home so the airstream renovation could begin! But we still had 23 hours of driving left so we took it easy and spread it out over 3 days. We stopped by the Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico, which I had never heard of. It's really small but it's cool to check out some old Pueblo buildings that are over 900 years old!

The next day we stopped in Moab again, we planned on going for a quick hike to one of the arches in Arches National Park but by the time we got to Moab, around 3:30pm, we were both so tired that we decided to just get a burger and watch a movie. Also, there is no Walmart in Moab, so we stayed at our first RV park and it was an interesting experience to say the least. There were only a handful of RVers there but yet they still packed us all in one spot right next to each other, maybe they were trying to be nice and putting us close to the bathroom but still, I like my space. Anyway, We ended up falling asleep before 8pm, which resulted in my waking up at 2am and laying there for an hour not being able to sleep and deciding that if I am not going to sleep I might as well drive, because let's face it, at this point I was ready to be home and in my own bed. So we got on the road by 3:30am and we were back home in Hailey by 1pm.

If you've been following us, you know our plan is to get this airstream remodeled for us to live in it full time as a family of four. We hope to get it finished at hit the road before the snow flies next winter here in Idaho, but we know that these things take a lot of time and can come with a lot of surprises. But if all goes well you'll be seeing us setting out on the RV life next winter!

Camera: Panasonic GH5
Camera: DJI Osmo Pocket - http://bit.ly/OsmoPocket-CWW
Drone: DJI Mavic 2 Zoom - http://bit.ly/Mavic2-CWW

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